Should You Gift Dog Training this Holiday Season?

Trying to think about the best gift to give the dog owner in your life? May we suggest a gift certificate to Frontier K9 Training?

Of course, any gift that is an experience and educational is a unique choice, but will it be well-received? Here are three questions to ask yourself. We would be happy to discuss options for gift certificates and training sessions to fit any dog owner!

  1. Has your recipient discussed the interest in learning obedience or working with a trainer? This is probably the most important question to as yourself. You do have to be careful giving a gift like obedience lessons because you don’t want to insult the recipient. Perhaps start a conversation about dog training to test out their feelings and intent.
  2. What are your recipient’s training goals? Are you sure that the goals you have in mind are on their mind as well? That can happen if the recipient can’t think of anywhere they would like to go with training. Also, recipients sometimes worry that the gift means there’s undesirable behavior they’ve been ignoring or haven’t noticed. It’s alright to chat with the potential recipient about their dogs openly, and to discern whether or not they see eye to eye with you about their dog’s behavior.
  3. Does the recipient have time to spend on training? We know that time can be a valuable commodity, and while the recipient might have some goals in mind, do they have the time to work on them right now? Check that your recipient has the schedule flexibility for training sessions, and that now is the best time for them to fit them in. This is why Frontier K9 is so unique, because we offer flexible scheduling options for all of our clients.  

We encourage giving the gift of a happier partnership between human and canine, but we also encourage that you discuss the idea of dog training before making the purchase. Dog training works best when both the pup and handler are engaged and interested.

Our gift certificates can be printed out for giving in person or sent to you via PDF so you can email the certificate to the receiver for contactless gift giving. Contact us to discuss your gift certificate option today!


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