Holiday Puppy Supply Drive

The holidays are all about giving, and I implore you to help a cause near and dear to my heart. I volunteer time as a trainer and evaluator to help the Humane Society of Clinton County in Frankfort, Indiana, and in the past week these two mommas came to the humane society in desperate need for love and care.

Nine Pitbull puppies.

The Pitbull momma was used as a bait dog for dog fights, and has since had nine puppies.

The Pyrenees momma was a stray and had three puppies.

The mommas need help with nutrition to feed their pups. The puppies, as well as lot of the dogs in the shelter, need toys to help them become socialized and get used to sounds and touch.

For these reasons, I’m starting a Holiday Puppy Supply Drive!

I ask that you donate whatever you can:

Three Pyrenees puppies.
  • Old blankets
  • Dog beds
  • Cat litter and old newspapers
  • Dog food, puppy food, cat food
  • Over-abundance of raw chicken eggs (great to help add weight to momma)
  • Canned dog and cat food
  • Squeaky toys or stuffed animals
  • Chew bones
  • Gift cards to be used at the grocery or pet store
  • Whatever you might have lying around the house

Let’s fill the front lobby of HSCC! While I’m working on drop-off locations, but for now you can drop off donations at the following locations:

Frontier K9: 18019 Joliet Road, Sheridan, Indiana

Prancing Ponies: 17873 Joliet Road, Sheridan, Indiana

Humane Society of Clinton County: 825 Izaak Walton Drive, Frankfort, Indiana

Tri-County Veterinary Clinic: 9804 E. State Road 26, Russiaville, Indiana

Town & Country Vet Clinic: 3110 E. Wabash Street, Frankfort, IN

Or, you can even drop off your supplies at Frontier K9! I’ll do a drawing for a special prize from my clients (or soon-to-be clients) that donate! Just send me an email with your photos!


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