Obedience Classes

Is your dog a good citizen when you’re out in public? Or, are you too concerned to take him out with you? Who rules your home?

Obedience lessons with Frontier K9 can help you gain confidence that you can take your pup with you to the park or shopping at local stores. We strive for positive reinforcement to encourage and reward good behavior and good manners, while making each lesson enjoyable for everyone.

Obedience classes can cover the basics with manners and good behavior, following the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen tests, and puppy obedience. I like to incorporate different environments as we see progress to ensure your canine partner is confident wherever he goes with you. Locations include your home, my farm, local parks and even local stores that allow dogs.

Obedience classes with Frontier K9 can be anywhere from one dog to multiple, depending on your comfort level.

These obedience lessons are custom formatted to fit your needs and your dog’s needs. We can work one-on-one, with a second dog, or in a group setting. I strive for positive reinforcement, so be sure to bring lots of treats!!

Is your dog a responsible shopper? We can help!
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