1-on-1 Evaluations

I really like to use one-on-one evaluations to start any relationship with my client, with the one exception being puppies (though who doesn’t love puppy breath?).

In these evaluations, I like to sit and talk with the owners to learn as much about them and their dog as I can. What makes their dog happiest? What makes the owners happiest with their dogs?

While we talk, I like to observe how the dog is behaving in his own natural environment, and I’ll observe how the owner reacts to whatever the dog is doing.

Once we’ve established your goals for me to assist you with, that’s when we come up with a game plan that’s custom to you and your dog. We will work out a schedule together and plan for how we want to accomplish those goals.

If you’re interested in puppy classes, we’ll get right to work from the very beginning–puppies are always growing and always learning, so starting as early as possible can help build your partnership stronger than ever!

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