2nd Annual Presents for Puppies

For the second year in a row, Frontier K9 is proud to host “Presents of Puppies” as a toy and supply drive for the Humane Society of Clinton County in Frankfort, Indiana. Last year, our clients and friends helped the puppies of two mommas thrive at the humane society. This year, we want to make sure all the pets looking for homes are cared for not only during the holiday season, but all year round!

So, once again, we are accepting donations at Frontier K9, as well as at the humane society in Frankfort. I can pick up any donations from my students when we meet for lessons, or any time that’s right.

Below is the list of items specifically requested from the humane society:

Please feel free to share this list of much-needed items! Donations will be accepted until Dec. 18, and will be delivered soon after. (Though, we’ll never turn down donations.)

**Please note that the brand of food is important: Rescues and humane societies try to keep their animals’ diets consistent to avoid making them sick. When donating food, please check with the group (if not through us) as to what type they prefer to feed.


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