Introducing: Group Classes

When Frontier K9 first started, I wanted to create a bond that was one-on-one and have a lesson plan specifically tailored to your needs and your dog’s needs. With that model, Frontier K9 has become very successful and has grown in a positive reputation all over Central Indiana.

However, I’ve had some clients express to me the need to try a group setting.

Why would you consider a group obedience training class?

  • You don’t get out around other dogs much with your dog
  • Your dog needs socialization
  • You feel the need for an extra challenge of the distractions
  • You like to learn from others

Over the past weekend, I gathered some of my clients that I knew were close to or on the same level with their training. Some were younger dogs, some were a little older. Some had never been around other dogs besides walking down the street, and some might not like a specific type of dog. The weather was beautiful and every met at the farm at Frontier K9 for a whole new experience.

And it was a success!

With the weather cooling off, I love taking advantage of being outside (also makes social distancing with the pandemic easier), and I love the extra challenge that being on the farm can bring to dogs that need more experience. There are all kinds of different smells, sounds and sights.

We will be embarking on a limited group class schedule, meeting every other Saturday. Our groups will be limited, so I can be sure that everyone gets the attention from me that they need. We’ll have drop-in observers with experience that can help as well (my mother, a lifelong dog breeder and trainer, observed our first class).

A beautiful day brought together dog lovers and their dogs for an afternoon of learning!

If you have been looking for a hybrid training schedule of a group environment, but also some private lessons, feel free to reach out to Frontier K9!


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