A Puppy Named Goose

Coonhound puppy agility tunnel

This is the story of a rescue puppy that made his way to Frontier K9 and into the hearts of owner, Erin and her husband, Jerry. As well as the rest of the family and everyone he meets. Imagine being a small puppy, somewhere between maybe 2-2 1/2 months old (vet took a guess and put his birthday at 2/24/21). Your short life has probably been one of confusion, heartache and pain with possibly no real home. This is how we guess Goose’s young life started out, until an angel helped him find his forever home and family.

It all started with a text. Erin was working one evening at the hospital when a text chimed from Jackie Becker, she’s the head of T.B. Rescue & Transport. Jackie sent 2 pics of what she was told was an Australian Cattle Dog (or Heeler), and a message saying, “You’re the only one I know with experience with this breed.” Erin asked what was going on and also informed Jackie that that was not a Cattle Dog. Jackie explained that she had gotten a call from a lady that said her puppy needed a new home. The lady went on to say she had gotten this puppy from a breeder and that she went to take him out to potty and forgot her grass had just been treated, resulting in the puppy having burns. (Side note: They have not used chemicals in lawn treatments that can burn animals or people in many years. It’s against the law.) The lady then said two words that immediately made Jackie and subsequently Erin madder than ever…..”He’s damaged.” She didn’t want him anymore because he was damaged! How can anyone say that about any animal but especially a puppy?

Coonhound puppy agility tunnel
Agility tunnels? Goose approves!

The lady was told to go to Purdue Animal Hospital immediately and have him checked out by the veterinarian on duty to see what was wrong. We won’t go into the detail how this lady got Goose, she named him at least, because her story changed 3 different times and that’s in the past. A phone call to Erin later in the evening from Jackie shared that Goose had burns all over his abdomen, all 4 paws -each pad was burnt as well as in between his toes with some bleeding, and the back of his back legs. What kind of burns they weren’t 100% sure of. Jackie told Erin that the rescue didn’t have any open fosters and her house was full. Erin had already sent the text message and pictures to Jerry while she was at work and asked what he thought and said we could help her out. So while on the phone that evening arrangements were made to have Goose brought to Frontier K9 the next afternoon for fostering, rehab and puppy obedience.

Goose arrived the next afternoon. Erin was shocked at how little he was and appalled at looking at his burns. For a puppy that had been through who knows what, he followed Erin all around, slept at her feet and loved being lavished with love. Purdue had sent him with instructions for triple antibiotic 3 times a day and a half of a Benadryl twice day to make him comfortable. When Jerry came home that afternoon the other dogs were introduced and family was also. Goose quickly settled in and a routine to start potting training started as well. Jerry immediately started researching what breed he could be or mix of. After much research, he is believed to be a Red Tick Coonhound. Erin noticed something wrong with Goose’s front legs and it got noticeably worse as the weekend went on. After consulting with her friend, Dr. Caitlin Ashlock D.V.M. of Tri-County Animal Clinic, it was decided to bring Goose along to a meeting Erin had scheduled at the clinic on Monday. The problem was that the longer Goose was up being active, his front legs would buckle so he essentially knuckled over onto his ankles. Jerry immediately started gently massaging Goose’s legs and doing light stretching to see if that would start helping.

After consulting on Monday with Dr. Ashlock, it was determined that Goose was suffering from Carpal Laxity Syndrome. This is where a puppy is doing either hyperextension or hyperflexion in the front legs. There is no real cause known for it, but in a rescue puppy especially, it can from malnutrition. Dr. Ashlock was certain that with good and proper nutrition, daily exercise and stretching Goose’s legs would be normal in no time. We are happy to report that has been the case and Goose is perfectly normal.

Coonhound puppy costume
Dress as a velociraptor for your favorite kid’s Pet Parade? No problem for Goose!

So what about the burns? While there has been no definitive answer on how he got the burns, Jerry, Erin and her mom believe they know how he got them and another reason why his front legs knuckled over besides malnutrition. Urine scalding. Just like humans, if an animal sits in it’s own urine and feces long enough they will get burns. Jerry has a theory that Goose was kept in a small cage, one that he could not stand all the way up in and that he was also kept in a dirty cage. So as you can see, this puppy had a rough start to his life. But that didn’t keep him from loving life and loving people.

Once Erin got the ok from the vet that he was healthy and would heal and outgrow his issues, she asked Jerry if he thought she should tell Jackie to go ahead and post him for adoption on the rescue’s page. Jerry looked at her and said, ” Well, I mean I don’t have a problem if he stayed. But it’s up to you. ” Umm really? In the words of Erin’s sister, Megan, “I knew you were going to keep him.” The first time Jerry and Erin foster, they are foster failures in let’s be honest 24 hours. Goose officially became a Dean and a member of Frontier K9 Training May 10, 2021.

Coonhound puppy tracking training
Goose has been excelling in his tracking training.

So what has Goose been up to in the last couple months? He healed completely in about a week to a week and a half from his burns, he started gaining weight and his legs are straight and strong as can be! Goose has really became Jerry’s puppy. He seems to help fill the emptiness in Jerry’s heart that has been there since last September when we lost his baby girl, Magnum. Goose has not only started on his obedience training but he started his trailing training a couple weeks ago! Jerry is learning from Erin how to trail and to teach Goose and their bloodhound, Irish to trail fallen deer for hunters. When a hunter shoots a deer and they can’t find it, they can call Jerry to have the dogs help track it down. They are also being trained to find lost or missing people as well. Jerry takes Goose to the horse barn with him every night and he’s liking being a farm dog. Goose has stolen the hearts of not only his family, but everyone that meets him and people from around the country through social media. His Coonhound smile and his sweet temperament make him the most loveable boy you’ll meet.

This has been the story of Goose. The rescue puppy nobody wanted but who has become a very big part of his new family’s lives and hearts.


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