This History of Frontier K9 Dog Training

The history of Frontier K9 Training is a simple one, really. Let us begin with our name. Frontier K9 comes from my parents’ show kennel name: Frontier Kennels. My parents bred and showed Golden Retrievers, even owning one of the top Golden Retrievers in the nation: Ch. Tempo’s Frontier Bronco.

My dad, Hank Arszman, showing one of our loved Golden Retrievers.

When I decided to start my training business it seemed only fitting to pay homage to the people who instilled the love of dogs into mine and my sister’s lives. My parents, Hank & Michelle Arszman, never pushed us to get into dogs, but they were excited when I became a Search and Rescue (SAR) handler and then a police K9 handler. It was only fitting to have Frontier as part as my name as well.

My dad (center, sitting) was honored for his 40+ years of service with the Hoosier Kennel Club in 2019.

My step-grandfather and my grandmother, Bill and Shirley Worley, owned Sun Dance Kennel in Westfield, which was just down the road from us. They also opened the first two dog obedience training schools in Central Indiana. I remember many nights going with my parents to train show dogs and puppies at their facility. I remember Bill had black German Shepherds–father and son. Condor, the father, never let me out of his sight when I was little. I have no doubt that is where I get my love of working dogs from. I always wanted a black German Shepherd, and now black Belgian Malinois, because of Condor.

Training & handling dogs is in my blood.

My great-grandfather raised and showed English Bulldogs, and yes, I have always wanted one of those as well. My great-grandmother raised Standard Poodles. My family has a long line of handlers, breeders, trainers and AKC judges. However, even with this history, my parents, nor my family, has ever pushed me into the dog world. I chose to follow a passion, a calling that just seemed natural. Not only for me to handle dogs and train my own, but to help others have a great relationship with their dogs.

This is how Frontier K9 Training came to be. The future and the past come together to help you and your canine friend build your bond.

My dad, Hank Arszman, in the early 1980s.


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