Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out my page and my business! We have some of the best supporters and clients, but we also have some new supporters and clients so I thought I’d kind of reintroduce myself for our new followers and clients.

My name is Erin Dean and I might be a little obsessed with dogs lol. I was born into a dog family. My father and mother raised and showed Golden Retrievers and my father was a professional dog handler and trainer. My step-grandfather and my grandma owned 2 dog training schools in Broad Ripple and Indianapolis. They ran their own boarding kennel/training center as well at their farm. They also bred and showed Golden Retrievers as well as English Cockers, Silky Terriers and German Shepherds. My aunt still raises Goldens and has been an AKC judge for many years. So, it kind of became natural for my sister and I to get into the family business so to speak. She with agility and me with working dogs and training. I’m a 5th generation handler, and I’m so thankful for all the knowledge all of the above as others have given me.

My heart dog and forever partner, Cinch.

I am a retired police K9 officer and was lucky enough to work with 2 of the best partners I could have asked for. Tori was my first partner and was a Bloodhound. We did trailing or what some call, man trailing. We started out as a Search and Recovery team and then moved on to my chief at the time putting us on the road as a unit. I learned a lot from, Tori even though at the time some of it didn’t seem like I was learning a lot except that Bloodhounds are very stubborn lol. I owe a lot that pushy girl on making me the handler and trainer I am today. My second partner was a Belgian Malinois named Cinch and we were a dual purpose team. Cinch was trained in narcotic search, area search, aggression, building search and tracking. When I say that boy was my world it is definitely not an exaggeration. I learned so much as a handler and person from that boy that I’ll never be able to count them all. Cinch is actually the logo for Frontier K9 Training, and I continue to train dogs and help others have long lasting relationships with their dogs in his honor and memory.

I love helping people create that lifelong bond with their dogs. Your bond with your dog or dogs is unlike any other bond you will ever have. Sometimes we all need help understanding why our dogs do or don’t do what they are supposed to. Why they have the behavior they do and helping find solutions to that behavior. The moment I see training on a certain action or the light bulb click on when the owner/handler realizes how to teach a certain command or the whole thing clicks together…..it makes my heart happy. Helping people is something I love doing whether it was as a K9 officer, my job at the ER I work at or helping train dogs and people.

Family means the world to me, and Frontier K9 has given me a way to have my sister involved. My husband, sister, parents and my young niece, all help out when needed. Whether it’s making the website and Facebook page (thank you Megan), holding other dogs to help with trainings or just being supportive and a cheerleader, we are all involved and I couldn’t do it without all of them. I hope that you feel like you might know me a little better than before. Thank you all again for referrals, having training sessions, sharing our page or even just liking posts. All of that means a lot to me and lets me know that I am doing a good job.

“Look into the eyes of a dog and you’ll see their souls and their love.”


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