Human Behavior Training: Picking up the Poop

I believe that training dogs not only encompasses training of the canine, but also the teaching and training of the dog’s human. So, this post is more about human training than dog training…

I always carry either two poop bags or a container full of them wherever we walk.

While we’ve been in such unique times of staying home to stay healthy, there’s been an increase in everyone partaking in outdoor activities. This includes increased dog walks. Which is great! I’m sure all our furry friends are basking in the extra time with their human and extra mileage.

So, now is the perfect time to remind you about picking up after yourself (err…rather…after your dog) when you’re walking your dog.

It’s imperative to pick up your dog’s waste during your walks. Why?

– Common courtesy for your fellow walkers. Who enjoys stepping in a pile of dog poop and then having to clean off your shoes? It’s disgusting.

– Stop the spread of disease. Other dogs, and random animals, will stop and sniff your dog’s leftover feces, which can spread unknown disease from your dog to another.

Did you know that dog poop has high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as disease causing bacteria and parasites; some more so than other types of waste. All of these bacteria and parasites are harmful to humans and spread disease to other dogs.

Your dog’s waste can be full of E. coli, salmonella and is a common carrier of the following: Worms (several types), Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Giardiasis, Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, and Campybacteriosis.

It’s also important to note you should regularly clean your yard where your dogs defecate regularly. These bacteria and parasites can actually linger in the soil for years.

So, whether you are the kind to use cutesie dog poop bags with a matching holder attached to your leash, recycled plastic trash bags tied to the leash or if you just grab some from a dispenser along walking trails, make sure you’re prepared to pick up after your dog. Be a good, thoughtful citizen and realize you could be putting other people and other dogs at risk of getting sick if you don’t.


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