Dog Training While in Quarantine

We are in a very unique situation. Because of the Coronavirus, millions of Americans are staying at home in isolation and quarantine. We’re not supposed to be out and about–nonessential activities are canceled. This also means that classes at Frontier K9 have been canceled.

But that shouldn’t mean that your dog’s progress in his training should be put on hold. In fact, now you should have more time to focus on building your relationship with your canine best friend, so it’s the perfect time to improve on that.

I’d like to share some ideas to help you with continuing your training while at home:

– Practice some K9 fitness by following our instructions on using the balance disc
Work on your dog’s sits and downs in two positions: heel (right at your side, almost touching) and directly in front. Note: Make sure they are sitting “pretty” which means nice and square and not rocked on one hip.
Practice your dog’s stays: See if you can increase the distance that you can step away from your dog while he’s in a stay (either sit or down). Remember to take steps slowly backwards. Then, increase the difficulty by walking a circle around your dog or going around the corner of the room so he doesn’t see you. Remember to praise him for his stays and don’t linger on this skill for very long.
Get some fresh air and take your dog for a walk (as long as you practice social distancing). Keep your dog close to you, and work on him walking in a relaxed manner.
– Teach him basic tricks: Asking for his paw for a handshake, or a nose touch to your hand. Remember to praise and treat as soon as he does what you ask!

And always remember to reach out to Erin for more ideas or if you have a question. We can do FaceTime conference calls just to catch up and see how you and your dog is progressing while we’re on this break.


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