Meet Erin

Hi everyone and welcome to Frontier K9! Thank you for taking the time to find my website. I thought I’d introduce myself and give a little background for anyone who doesn’t know me.

My name is Erin Dean and I’m definitely a dog lover. I am a fifth generation dog handler, with a long line of professional breeders, handlers, trainers and judges in my family background. For the first few years of my life, I grew up at dog shows, training schools and yes in a kennel. My parents owned Frontier Kennels which is the reason I chose the name of Frontier K9, and my grandparents owned Sun Dance Kennels. I grew up mostly around Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Silky Terriers and English Cockers. But working in my grandma’s kennel and as a vet assistant, I have been exposed to a multitude of breeds. I’ve owned Golden’s, German Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, a Bloodhound, Spinone Italiano, and most recently Belgian Malinois. I was a police K-9 handler for 12 years and started out in Search and Recovery before that. I trained both of my partners myself with the help of some great trainers and handlers.

I firmly believe that obedience is the foundation of everything you do with your best friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s just going for runs, doing Schutzhund, scent work, agility or dock diving. You have to have a good foundation of trust and obedience to make your team be a team. I believe in positive reinforcement and that learning for the dog and the handler/owner should be fun and a game. My goal is to make you and your dog a team and show you just how great your best friend can be.

Please feel free to contact me either here, text, phone call, email or messenger. I look forward to helping you and your best friend be better together!


2 thoughts on “Meet Erin

  1. wow, you have led a busy k9 filled life. I was delighted to read your post. I fell into search and recovery when I acquired a border collie who needed a job. I will definitely be checking in with you again.


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